Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eep! Short Update W/More to Come

Thanks for the comment reminder helderheid!

Between school and my brother's wedding I fell into the abyss. I stop the shots 3 days before going to Puerto Rico so I could have some Transition.
I got down to 142 before I left...and out of fear...I will not be weighing myself until Saturday.
I know I was supposed to take my scale but my suit cases were to capacity because of the wedding stuff

So I have starting fresh tomorrow...but without the load days because I've eaten enough junk in the past 6 days....
So I will be back on Saturday with a full update

Things have just been too chaotic to keep up with my blog but I was doing so well and I'm excited to get back...Thinking about trying to find ways to speed the process up even more...
I wanna hit my goal by mid Novemeber which I think could definitely happen....

But then I need to work hard to maintain because I love fitting into my high school clothing...and I love the pure energy this diet gives me
I've noticed a huge difference...but more details on that on Saturday

See you then!

Friday, September 24, 2010

R1P2 Day 24 = 145.6 (-0.2) (TOM)

Weight: 145.6

About to start my schoolwork, but wanted to do a little update
No shot this morning, I'm really having cravings today. But I'm fighting to stay strong...

Breakfast: 4.6 oz strawberries
                 1 cup coffee
Lunch: 3.5 oz chicken
            2 cups iceberg lettuce

I talked to my dr, he wants me to up my dose because I still get hunger grumbles and moodiness when I go too long without food.

Lunch out is tomorrow...

Be back later

Thursday, September 23, 2010

R1P2 Day 23 = 145.8 (+0.2)

Well TOM arrived...and made its presence known...not in a gross way...but I had to go to the dermatologist and had an epic breakdown...way more than what was necessary over my breakouts.
It's tough when you used to have perfect skin and it all turns to shit for no reason. I've been struggling to get my cheeks back in order for 3 years now. This is not okay. So yeah...she gave me tons of stuff to try and lots of tissues....oh and 3 But I'm hoping this time the options work. Luckily, I've become a makeup master...
My poor dr...she had no idea what was awaiting her when she walked in. I go back in a few weeks so she can keep a close eye on me.
She probably thinks I'm psychologically disturbed.

I'm very chatty right now because I had to have a HUGE dialog with one of my professors about getting a discussion board open...and I'm like...freaking/spazing about wanting it to work and over my class buddy to get me a copy of my notes...that she was supposed to scan and send. But she ignored my email and replied with everyday chitchat. I'm too neurotic about school for that stuff.

It's going to be a long weekend of studying.
2 exams, Monday and Wednesday. Monday is also an essay exam in addition to multiple choice. Wednesday, we have to stick around after the exam to watch a movie because she is a greedy professor with our time.
Wednesday is also a 4 chapter quiz...I use the term quiz losely because it's so many more questions and it's weight is heavy.

I've yet to start any of my study guides, but I got my discussion board working for my essay exam so my classmates could start dialouges about the questions we will encounter. (we have a list of all the essay questions...she'll pick 3 out of 16)

Tuesday night I dont even have time to study because I have to drive to the campus that is 45 mins away for a 3 hour review for my practical the Wednesday after this coming one. Yup...I have Anatomy practicals...they are the major tests and I'm so scared because that's a lot of pressure.
A practical is where you have 2 minutes to state/explain what each issue being shown is.
Seriously, I don't understand why they can't just give a written exam...but they do enjoy scaring us.
Isn't it bad enough that the weekly online quizzes (this are in addition to in class ones) are dragging my grade down with a mighty vengence.
(srly, who takes questions of picture captions. We have 92 pictures in each chapter....with only 30 seconds to answer each questions. I dont even want to be a dr!)

Hi stress and anxiety. I love when you result in panic attacks.

But good news? Todays exam went well....sad news? I didn't get to share eye contact with the cute guy in my class. He is usually early, and I'm usually late...but today it was the other way around. I had hoped to have a little dialogue in my getting there early but no such luck. Maybe on tuesday I'll get to enjoy a little eye contact again.
I wouldn't have thought twice about our eye contact on Tuesday if I hadn't accidently stumbled into him on Tuesday when I was running late to my 9:30am class. Eye contact ensued but I got flustered and skitted off.
(there is a bit of a theme of lateness for me...lateness by an amount of time that is only noticable to me, i hate being late...even if its only by 2 minutes, which is usually how it is)

Okay...sorry for the big emotion/verbal outlet. I had to get it all off my chest.

So my period arrives with an emotional breakdown then an irrational annoyance later. my typical extremely self aware way...I perked up and realized I had 30 seconds before arrival....
I'm such a freak.

So this means no shot tomorrow. but sticking to the 500 calories

I see the dr not looking forward to it since I've only lost 3 pounds and I'm not even sure if it'll show since the second day is my heaviest day.
I don't like not doing exceedingly well.

So I gained 2 ounces.

Breakfast: 8 strawberries
Lunch: 3.5 oz talipa
            2 cups spinach
          walden sugar free low fat ranch, 1 tpsn
Dinner: 3 oz talipa
           2 cups iceberg lettuce
         walden sugar free low fat ranch, 1 tpsn
Snack: Orange

Okay. I gotta go add this stuff up.
I am praying that after my period I have like a 2 pound release over night. It sucks when you do everything right and it doesn't work out. I really don't do well in those situations.

Sorry for typos, I'm a spaztic mess.

Oh, I doubt anyone has read this far but how do you guys deal with eating out? I have a book club meeting, and it's at a local seafood place.
I'm planning on getting a cesaer salad with dressing on the side, no cheese or croutons...but it comes with two fish...ill only eat one...but yeah
How do you deal with the measuring? Or the ordering? How can you tell which is the best pick?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

R1P2 Day 22 = 145.6 (-0.0)

Weight: 145.6

No loss...TOM was supposed to get here today...but he never showed...I'm glad I still took my shot
Maybe tomorrow...but hopefully  not during my exam.
My cat is taking up space on my bed and is on top of my mouse...
I'm tired but am off to study...oh, I need to get a snack...

Breakfast: Strawberries...I'm gonna guess like 5oz - probably less
Lunch: Chicken 3.5 oz
           Lettuce 3.5 oz
Dinner: Crab 3 oz
             Tomato soup 2 cups (recipe is on another post)
Snack: Orange? Idunno, I have too much studying to do to think about food

 368                37          6        46

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

R1P2 Day 21 = 145.6 (-1.2)

A drop! I'm surprised. TOM is supposed to be here tomorrow....I think it is trying to lull me into a false sense of security so I can go can explode into an emotional mess when I gain during the first two days of it.

Weight: 145.6

Bought some sugar free chocolate....You'd think I was a cop inspecting a pot baggie. I don't trust I just keep glancing at it...
No urge to give in so I'm safe...I've already told myself if I break down I'm only allowed 1 square...but my self control is pretty good.

Breakfast: half an apple
Lunch: Chicken breast, 3.5 oz
           Romaine Lettuce, 2 cups
          1 sesame breadstick
Dinner: Bay scallops, 3.5 oz
            Steamed Broccolu, 4 oz
             1 sesame breadstick
Snack: Celery
         1 tbsp of sugar free ranch watered down with lemon

 460                59           7          45

Monday, September 20, 2010

R1P2 Day 20 = 146.8 (-0.2)

Weight: 146.8

Damn you TOM and how you toy with me...
Fighting against the cravings still.
Must stay strong...

Gotta get more fruit tomorrow...and broccoli.

Thanks for the cheers of support Amy! Got into my size 7s today without any overspill :D

Breakfast: 6 oz strawberries
                1 cup of coffee (sweet salvation)
Lunch: 3.5 oz tilapia
          1.5 cups cucumber
Dinner: 3.5 oz chicken breast
            2 cups lettuce
          1 breadstick
Snack: 2 breadsticks :(
           1 orange

We are low on food, hence me being weak and consuming extra breadsticks.
 439                 48          9        44

Meh. All I want is cinnamon toast crunch....instead I'll just have this tea...because,'s totally the same  /sarcasm

Here for better news tomorrow! I want this bloat to pass...that'd just be awesome

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Updated Measurements of Week 1 & 2

Height: 5'8''

Pre-Diet Measurements as of August 31, 2010

1"above abdomen: 30"
Umbilicus: 35.1"
1" below abdomen: 37.0"
Right Thigh: 23.2"
Left Thigh: 23.4"
Right Arm: 12.2"
Left Arm: 12.6"

Week 1: September 9, 2010

1" above abdomen: 30.0"
Umbilicus: 34.0"
1" below abdomen: 36.2"
Right Thigh: 23.3"
Left Thigh: 23.4"
Right Arm: 12.0"
Left Arm: 12.2"

Week 2: September 16, 2010

1" above abdomen: 28.5"
Umbilicus: 34.4"
1" below abdomen: 36.0
Right Thigh: 21.5
Left Thigh: 21.2
Right Arm: 11.4
Left Arm: 11.6

Slow progress but it's progress...